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San Francisco, CA 94107
United States

Design the simple


Design Facilitation

My superpower is finely tuned empathy, enabling me to accurately read a group to help them safely dissect and explore differing paths to co-create not just solutions, but lasting bonds of trust foundational to genuine teamwork.

I create and foster environments in which designers and non-design partners alike externalize and hone their curiosity which enables them to articulate and explore a problem space. I help them find avenues to express ideas. I challenge teams to find practical means to test the kernel of their ideas, then discard, modify, or develop them with confidence.


A particularly successful design sprint last year, in brief was 

  1. a day of exploring and prioritizing the problem space and steeping in the research and words of our customers

  2. a day of learning how to express ideas, flaring into solution space, and then honing back down to solution we could run past our customers
  3. a day of customer reactions, celebrating our successes (yay!), analyzing our failures (even more yay!), and creating a cogent plan to move forward into development.

That lead to a few more weeks of practical explorations, which went straight from paper sketches into agile stories, and a month of sprints to put our working product directly into customer hands. Bonus: That working product was one of a handful of smaller subproducts we parceled out to create a 24 month product release plan with room for testing, failing, and fixing our way to success.